sedat tatar breast enlargement

Breast Augmentation

sedat tatar breast enlargement
Breast Augmentation 3

It is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgery operations all over the world in order to increase and shape the breast size. Breast augmentation with silicone prostheses is the most common, safest and best result. According to the needs and wishes of the person, the appropriate size and shape of the silicone implant is selected.

How is breast augmentation done?

It takes about 1 hour under general anesthesia. With the incision made from the lower crease of the breast, the implant is placed under the breast tissue (subfascial) or under the muscle (dual plane), in the shape and size planned before the surgery, according to the needs of the person.

How is the recovery process after breast augmentation?

After the operation, 1 night of hospitalization is sufficient, most of the edema disappears within 3-4 weeks. It takes 3-4 months for the silicone prosthesis to integrate with the breast tissue, to take its consistency and position. Full recovery is completed within 4-6 months.

Round prosthesis or drop prosthesis?

The shape of the implant is decided according to the patient’s current breast structure, chest wall, nipple position and wishes. In general, round implants fill the entire quadrant of the breast and especially the upper and inner sides more, while the drop prosthesis fills the lower part of the breast better. Correctly selected silicone implant suitable for the person’s anatomy gives the desired results.

Is the breast prosthesis placed under the muscle or over the muscle?

Silicone prostheses can be placed subfascially (under the muscle membrane) or under the muscle (dual plan).

Do silicone prostheses need to be replaced?

Silicone prostheses do not have an expiration date. It can be used for life as long as it does not cause a medical problem. A thin capsule structure is formed around silicone prostheses, which is a part of natural healing. Capsule contracture is a condition that occurs as a result of thickening of this capsule over time, restricts the mobility of the prosthesis and causes hardening of the breast consistency. The capsule must be removed.

Do silicone prostheses interfere with breastfeeding?

Silicone prostheses do not harm the breast tissue and do not interfere with breastfeeding.

What are the undesirable conditions after breast augmentation surgery?

In the early period, hematoma, infection and wound healing problems, and in the long term, asymmetries and capsular contracture are rare complications.

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