Fat Injection To Breast

Breast Fat Injection

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Breast Fat Injection 3

In order to increase the volume of the breast and to define its contours, fat injection can be made into the breast alone or simultaneously with breast augmentation with a silicone prosthesis or simultaneously with breast lift. The purpose of fat injection is to give volume, to give more upper pole fullness, to plump the décolleté area.

How is fat injection done to the breast?

According to the amount of fat needed, fat tissue is collected from the body and prepared, and fat is injected under the skin or into the muscle in the breast.

What is the recovery period after fat injection to the breast?

Breast augmentation is like surgery with a recovery period in combination with breast augmentation. Fat injection into the breast alone takes an average of 1 hour, requires 1 day of hospitalization, edema is significantly reduced within 3-4 weeks, and full recovery is completed within 3 months.

What are the undesirable conditions after breast fat injection?

Infection, wound healing problems and irregularities may occur.

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