breast lifting sedat tatar

Breast Lift

breast lifting sedat tatar
Breast Lift 3

Weight gain and loss, births and breastfeeding, aging and structural factors are the operations in which loosening and sagging of the breast tissue and skin are eliminated.

How is breast lift done?

According to the needs of the person, the breast tissue is moved up, the excess skin is removed, the position of the nipple is changed and the breast tissue is shaped.

How is the recovery process after breast lift?

It takes 2-3 hours on average under general anesthesia, 1 day hospitalization is required. Most of the edema disappears within 3-4 weeks. Full recovery is completed in 4-6 months. Scars take their final form within 1 year.

What are the undesirable conditions after breast lift surgery?

In the early period, hematoma, infection and wound healing problems, nipple necrosis and asymmetries may occur in the long term.

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